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Standing at 24" x 48" x 4", mixed media artwork that use of watercolor paint, stain, burning, and shading techniques creates a captivating visual experience.

The primary visual inspiration for this artwork originates from The Fine Old Madeira wine label in Santa Clara.

One of the distinctive features of this artwork is the built-in shelf that serves both a functional and artistic purpose. It integrates into the piece, complementing its design without compromising aesthetics. The shelf offers practicality as it can hold up to 5 bottles of wine or other items

Overall, this mixed media art piece blends functionality with artistic expression, making it an eye-catching and conversation-worthy centerpiece for any art enthusiast or wine connoisseur.


The Fine Old Madeira wine label in Santa Clara has a history dating back to the 1800s when the region became known for its winemaking. Inspired by the Portuguese island of Madeira, the label represented wines aged and fortified to mimic the original style. 


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    Due to the nature of the handcrafted process, variation from piece to piece does occur.

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